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It is increasingly known in the business world the new skills that a Director, Entrepreneur and Businessmen are important to develop, in fact there is more and more talk that these skills are considered to be new subjects in schools.

I refer for example to emotional intelligence or proper handling of emotions, another mega important skill to develop in people is creativity. Today it can be more relevant in many companies all those people who, in addition to executing instructions, contribute ideas informally or informally. more organized through workshops for example. Financial intelligence is another skill that is required of an organization’s employees. Actually, in many companies they already apply the well-known credit bureau test as part of their recruitment process (which I’m not saying is okay).

There is an intelligence that I have called “Digital Intelligence”, basically it is the knowledge, skills and talents oriented to two important things:

• Start digitally from scratch.

• Generate a digital footprint of a traditionally similar business.

For digital generations it is relatively easy to do digital native business from scratch, and I say relatively because to do digital business with projection to grow you have to invest time, money and energy very well channeled.

However, the segment of people that most attracts my attention are the “old sea lions” who did great business, worked very hard, prospered for a long time but today are threatened by their own mentality, to this group of people who maintained our economy for a long time I tell you something: It is time to relearn and I warn you from the beginning: It will not be easy.

It will not be easy for you to realize:

  • That in the digital world you can sell with or without a website.
  • That a video or image on the internet says more than a thousand words.
  • That e-commerce accelerated its growth by at least 5 years with COVID-19.
  • That we are all the same on the Internet and those who focus on the customer do not come out, not the largest or those who know the most.
  • That you can sell products or services from $ 10 to $ 100,000 through social networks.
  • That you can sell to more than 100 people through webinars or virtual workshops.

It will not be easy for you to realize it because, like other skills, it is not for everyone, and it is not that it is a purely elitist subject, not even about being on time, it is a mostly attitudinal subject, where you realize that nothing is the same as the times when you started your career or when you started your business, even now nothing will be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic.

My question for you is: are you willing to relearn?

My experience is that many say YES but very few do, it is life.

If you have not taken the opportunity to receive a completely FREE diagnosis of your fingerprint, today is the last day.

I wish you passion and success in everything you do.

Is Now! I challenge you to get out of poverty, apply these tips and improve your sales.

A problem that entrepreneurs and many sellers have is that they do not know how to clearly convey the advantages and benefits of their solutions, then I will mention 5 things you should AVOID at all when selling your solutions:

1. Stop presenting your product or service as a commodity, and well: What is a commodity? A commodity is perceived as a product and / or service in which the value is not perceived. A true solution is not acquired for its price, they will buy you for the value you bring that your customer perceives.

2. Stop focusing on the technical characteristics of your product or service and focus on the benefits for your customer. Tell him clearly what he will get with your solution in time and money.

3. Stop looking at the competition and develop your own advantages, all your credentials such as certifications, proven methodologies, statistics, success stories are your advantages, if you know how to transmit them you will generate trust in your client.

4. The one that covers a lot of tightness, it is essential to keep the focus on 1 or 2 solutions since regardless of whether you can provide many services, if you present too many options to your client you will generate confusion and distrust.

5. Use technology for your client, most entrepreneurs who are starting or growing are having a hard time investing in technology at the service of their customers and this I assure you is a serious mistake.

Always keep in mind that “decision makers” are people like you, they still want peace, confidence, time, quality and growth. What are you willing to do well from beginning to end so that your client obtains these benefits? And one more. How will your client know that the solution you present has your personal stamp?

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Differences between Software Factory and Own Developers

One of the main uncertainties that business development managers have is whether to develop the necessary software for the company with its own equipment or outsource the development.   Here are 10 questions that, depending on the answer, can help you make the right choice:  

 1. Are there enough development needs in your company to justify a development area? If the answer is, you do not have to evaluate the financial cost involved in the compensation of your employees when you do not need them.

 2. Do you currently solve with an engineer who does all your programs? What happens if that person migrates from work? Or sick? It is an unacceptable risk that puts the entire business at risk depending on an individual or a couple of them. 

3. Is the technology area the core of your business or a business support area? If technology is your core, you should think that being a strategic one, this function resides internally, but if the systems area only supports the business, there may be very competitive options in price and quality in the market that you should evaluate.

 4. Do you have the necessary functional analysis, development and Q&A specialists in your company? Efficiency in system development based on industry best practices suggests that your functions are clearly defined. It has been known for years that the one who does not control, if you do not have the capacity to have all the necessary roles is a good time to outsource.

5. Are your software updated technologically speaking? Supporting obsolete software technologically speaking can be much more expensive and risky to maintain, precisely because of the shortage of professionals who want to continue with these outdated technologies. Or you change all your equipment at a high cost or outsource the development.

 6. Are your methodologies current? If you are still using outdated methodologies such as Waterfall, it is a good time for you to look for an external provider that dominates Scrum to give agility to your area and that can accompany the needs of the business. 

7. Would applications be necessary for your business? If your business requires the development of Apps for its commercials and its customers and your people do not know the necessary technologies to do it, it is a good time to evaluate the Software Factory model. 

8. Is your business so specific that you used up existing solutions in the market? We always have the tendency to believe ourselves unique in the market, but this in 90% of cases is a fallacy. If your business is not from a specific and sophisticated niche, you will most likely find in the market solutions that with small adjustments can serve your business.

 9. Does size matter? In past times the power of a manager is mediated by the number of employees in his area, currently what is valued in companies is operational efficiency and support to the areas that generate economic resources. Large teams are large expenses and financial costs growing every month for potential workers’ compensation.

 10. What does the CFO think? At present, the man of finance tries by all means that the ROI is adequate, outsourcing the development implies passing that budget to OPEX. Talk to your financier and you will see how happy you are with that strategy.   

  As you can see there are ways to evaluate whether it is convenient to develop with your own team or outsource your developments with a software factory, that depends on you. However, it would be wise to know that the other managers or directors are looking at your management and not using the current optimization tools not only your area but your position is in danger.

How to Hire Top Tech Talent

Revamp your hiring process and execute new recruitment strategies to get the top tech talent. Here’s how…

The tech industry is struggling to get the best candidates on the board. 

The reason is pretty simple—job seekers in this sector are getting jobs easily, that’s too with their desired packages.

How to Hire Top Tech Talent

Sometimes, the job applicants shop around until they find the company offering them handsome salaries. 

This has made things challenging for the recruiters. They are required to know what tech pros are looking for and how to offer that. After all, the IT sector is a job applicant’s market. 

If you haven’t found a top tech talent yet, you need to revamp your hiring strategy and look for ways to your job posting compelling to the best candidates. 

Here’s how you can attract top tech talents:

Work Over the Job Descriptions:

This is the first thing an applicant reads in your job classified. 

However, not all job titles or descriptions are appealing. Therefore, you need to create the one that explains their role clearly in the company. 

The inputs can be taken from your current employees. They are likely to bring a different perspective to the table. They are familiar with the possible challenges with jargoned or unique job titles and can suggest some trendy ones that may be successful. 

Make the Description Mobile Responsive:

HR Digital Tech has found that nearly 90% of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs. And nearly all of them assume that mobile compatibility is important to how the job search is performed. Therefore, make sure to optimize your descriptions for mobile devices. 

Provide Feedback to the Failed Candidates:

Most recruiters are likely to focus on the applicants that make to the other interview stages and skip giving feedback to those who haven’t. This leads to a poor experience among job candidates. Maybe it prevents them from referring to others who might be the one you are looking for. 

You can prevent this by creating follow-ups and rejection emails as a compulsory part of the process. For example, you can send rejection emails with a brief explanation to those who haven’t been shortlisted. 

Make Your Presence Felt in the Local Tech Scenario:

Another great way to attract top tech talents is to take part in conferences, meet-ups, and seminars. Or you can organize such events. These things will help you connect with talented people. 

Turn Your Marketing into a Recruiting Tool:

The basic role of marketing is to win over new customers. However, it can be used to encourage people to develop their career with you. A local company can raise awareness in their area. If you can’t afford a local advertisement, try promoting the fact that you’re open for hire. It will help you establish your company as a great place to work. 

Use Your Local Network:

Tech companies’ social circle is composed of people working in the IT sector. Use these personal contacts to bring in talents to your company. And the favor can be repaid when your friends need help. You can also refer “unsuited” candidates to other companies where they can be a great fit. 

These tips will support your hiring process to get the top tech talents. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below! 

Who is Digital Marketing for?

There are many myths about digital marketing, for example, that it is highly sophisticated or that it is too expensive and is only for big companies. I can assure you today that these myths are false, but what specifically is digital marketing?

Digital marketing are communication strategies transferred to digital platforms with three fundamental objectives:

– Validate a Brand.

– Position a Brand.

– Generate qualified prospects for a business.

When entrepreneurs, directors and anyone have a more specific vision of what they can achieve with digital marketing strategies is when they begin to tear down many myths, and then, what is the next step?

The first step is to make a self-diagnosis through simple questions: Could my company use any of these 3 points: validate, position and generate value? Another important question would be: Can I improve the way I am communicating the advantages and benefits of my brand? And one last: is my competition present on digital platforms? If you answered YES, the next step is to make a Digital Marketing plan with a company specialized in the field.

Speaking of myths, a phrase attributed to Bill Gates “Content is king” was coined a few years ago, that is, “Content is king”, basically refers to the fact that “relevant content” is Internet that can be registered for a while in the psyche of people. How does this apply to your company and business? That today 80% of its content should focus on informing, educating and adding value to its audience and the remaining 20% ​​to offer.

There are two maxims that if you are in Sales, Marketing, are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, it would be useful to validate on your own:

“People don’t like to be sold, they like to buy”

“On internet you do not sell to a person, you sell to a circumstance”

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Abraham Chavez

“TTHH of IT the Achilles heel of companies” is locked TTHH of IT the Achilles heel of companies

Good morning, my name is Marcelo Arrabal, I am a Systems Analyst and 32 years ago I work in the information technology business.

I started at the end of the 80s selling XT personal computers in Argentina and Chile, when even in companies they used electronic typewriters in the best case. At that time it was sold with a course of use included so that users could use Wordperfect and Lotus123 in their daily chores.

At the beginning of the 90s we developed programs, in an almost artisanal way, software in Pascal, Basic and Clipper for companies that making an effort could incorporate in the best case a network of computers linked by Novel where they could share files and information of their systems.

The IT professionals who dedicated ourselves to networks, for the most part, weren’t more than 25 years old. The elders still worked in the world of mainframes and looked sideways at this fledgling world of personal computers that began to gain marketshare year after year. Over time the demand for services, software and full-time professionals grew quadratically and then began a phenomenon of scarcity that has suffered from the market for 20 years.

During the last two decades I have had the opportunity to collaborate in commercial, managerial and managerial positions in multinational companies such as HP, Asyst South America and Algar Tech.

My worst mistake in the world of Search and Selection of IT Professionals has been to think that all generations have the same values, beliefs and paradigms, something that is far from reality. And my greatest success is to expand my candidate base at the regional level because with the remote connections the vast majority of IT services can be provided remotely. Those successes and mistakes led me to expand my geographic and mental horizons.

We have all been able to observe the exponential development of the demand for information professionals in the different areas of the industry plus the low level of IT career professionals has uneven in this way the supply / demand relationship that has transformed these Professionals in a scarce good.

Marcelo Arrabal

What to Consider Before Hiring an IT Solution Provider

IT outsourcing services such as website hosting, software development, emails, and maintenance have become common among businesses, irrespective of their size and type.

Outsourcing IT services help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity. These services are provided by a third-party vendor. They are useful for the businesses lacking sufficient IT staff or equipment. This way, IT support services help them save money on hiring and the purchase of equipment.

However, with a mushroom growth of IT solutions vendors everywhere, it is quite overwhelming to choose the right service provider for your needs.

Choosing your IT partner shouldn’t be that challenging.

All you need to focus on the things given below to end up with the right one.


While IT support vendors have their line of services, find out what’s important for your business. What are your priorities? You may have unique IT requirements.

Make sure you get answers regarding your concerns.

Track Record:

The next step is to see the success rate of the company. Read their case studies or reviews to see how they have helped others and how their client’s experience has been. You can ask for the contacts of their previous or existing client. The right company will be glad to share their stories and references.

Levels of Support:

Many IT support company has various service levels to meet different budgets and requirements. These may consist of:

•    Pay As You Go Support:

In this model, you can pay any hourly rate or a fixed price. However, this will prove costly down the road.

•    Online Chat Support:

Here you pay a lower fee to get access to online chat agents.

•    Break-Fix Support:

It can be charged hourly, either paid in advance or afterward.

•    Managed Service Support:

A support company actively manages your systems to minimize the risk of things going wrong. It generally includes an annual support contract.

24/7 ACCESS:

This is an important thing to look for in your IT services provider. 24/7 support is crucial as issues are unpredictable. It is more important if you operate your business round the clock. This way, you have a peace of mind that you have someone to resolve your IT issues, no matter the time or day.

Quick Respond Time:

Ask your support company to provide a guaranteed response time when the problem occurs. However, the response time varies based on the levels of support you have opted for. Be wary of the vendors promising a set time with which a problem will be resolved—even before diagnosing it. Make sure they have a single point of contact with a DEDICATED telephone number.

What Their Contract Covers:

Many companies promise that they cover it all. However, it is their contract that speaks all. Most support vendors cover labor charges on any incident that is associated with hardware or particular software. However, they may not provide support for customer software developed by another company.

Finding the right IT service vendor can be a challenging task. Luckily, this piece of information will help you find the right one for your business.

10 Ways to Keep your IT Systems Safe and Secure

Technology is a boon for business owners offering better changers of mobility, Return on Investment, and productivity at negligible cost. But with modern innovations like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and cloud computing, there are also various security concerns. 

Here are some important safety tips to keep your IT systems safe and secure:

Protect the system with passwords

According to IT Solutions Provider California USA, it’s a no-brainer to secure your system with a strong password. There are still so many cyberattacks happing due to weak password protocols. You need to make sure that all the wireless networks, sensitive data, and all IT equipment are guarded with strong passwords and unique usernames. A strong password contains a combination of letters, symbol, and numbers that are not based on commonplace words, easy-to-guess, or standard dictionary terms. 

Design safe systems

For reducing the hacker attack, you need to limit access to your technology infrastructure. For this, you need to minimize points of failure by removing unnecessary access to the software of hardware. IT Tech Support California USA also suggests restricting individual users’ and systems’ access only to needed programs and equipment. Make use of a unique set of email IDs, logins, domain names, and servers for each user, department, or workgroup to prevent cyber-attacks.

Conduct background checks and screening

While rogue hackers receive most press, the major unauthorized intrusions happen within the network firewalls. So, it’s important to screen all prospective employees from the executive suite to the mailroom. Restrict access to sensitive data only to a limited number of users.

Provide basic IT training:

According to the experts at Service Desk Latin America, endless security breaches occur as a result of carelessness or human errors. You may help to build a corporate culture that focuses on IT security through proper training programs warning employees about the potential risks of using sloppy passwords.

All security measures must be taken from basic documentation procedures to strict protocols to handle lost passwords.

Neglect unknown email attachments

One must never click on an unknown email attachment – as it may contain computer worms, viruses, or Trojan programs. Before opening such files, always contact the sender to confirm their message contents. If the source is unfamiliar, it’s best to delete the message or block the sender to avoid receiving the same message again. 

Hang up & call back

The hackers often prey victims by pretending to be someone else from your company. They may pretend to be a representative from your other department or associate bank to seek your sensitive data. It’s best to end such calls asking for sensitive data. You can later dial your direct contact at the department to confirm whether or not the call was legitimate. 

Think before clicking on suspicious links

IT Solutions Provider California USA recommends not to click on suspicious links. The phishing scams often operate by forwarding innocent-looking emails that appear to be coming from trusted sources. But these emails ask for your usernames, personal information, or passwords. Immediately delete such emails and never click on them, as these are a threat to your cyber security. 

Use a virus scanner

Always use a virus scanner at your home and office network. Most network providers offer applications for free updates. Keeping software and anti-virus updates will help you guard your security system from potential threats. 

Keep sensitive data away from the cloud

Cloud computing provides businesses with various benefits. But such services also may add up certain threats on remote servers operated by the third party. So, it’s best to keep any confidential data away from your network. 

Stay paranoid

Never leave your sensitive information or reports on the system to avoid security risks. So change your passwords regularly, especially when you have shared them with any associate. It may appear to be obsessive but could prevent any data breach.

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Business Success

The managed IT Services have been around for many years. However, most organizations and businesses have been dependent solely on internal office IT teams for managing technology.

As per Managed IT Services in California, USA, this trend has been changing as more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of outsource IT companies. Reportedly, over two-thirds of the businesses have been surveyed to rely on subcontracted IT support in the past 12 months. 

These outsourced IT specialists can assist a wide variety of technical services like: 

  • Email hosting
  • Monitoring networks
  • Data storage and CRM applications
  • Backup and recovery
  • Managing HIPAA compliance

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you must consider harnessing the value of managed services provider (MSP) for maximizing your organizational success.

You must consider the following five advantages of using managed IT services:

1. Reduce Employee Downtime

Business owners don’t want their employees wandering around the pantry or lunchroom because of an IT issue or internet failure. The downtime is nothing but a productivity killer. Every year, companies lose around $150,000 due to IT downtime issues. But businesses definitely cannot afford such kind of loss.

When you work with MSP, they can easily monitor your network 24/7 throughout the year. So, whenever a problem arises, they know how to fix it quickly before the downtime. Some managed IT services also follow proactive maintenance so that you don’t have to face any issues in the first place. They believe that just like your health, even for businesses “prevention is the best medicine.”

2. Expand Business Expertise and Capacity

Managed IT Services California, USA suggests to work with an established MSP that gives you access to a larger team with expertise. Some businesses rely on small in-house consultants but they may lack experience and knowledge compared to the expert team. Only a professional MSP will have well-qualified and highly trained staff with proper Microsoft Certifications.

With a professional team that monitors your IT network 24/7, there is always someone to help you at any given time of a day. Moreover, if you have a big project, you get the flexibility to outsource help, as per your requirement without adding extra in-house staff.

3. Streamline Your IT Budget

IT costs are highly unpredictable, as systems can fail and your computer may break any time. This may result in unexpected costs ruining your budget. So, to avoid these issues and extra in-house HR costs, most businesses are hiring outsourced MSPs with expert IT support services. With regular maintenance and repairs mentioned in their contract, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. They will also help you to plan out future upgrades for helping you invest in new technology, instead of facing sudden capital expenditures.

4. Maintain Compliance

The marketplace has been evolving constantly and being a business administrator, you may be feeling in the dark while understanding changing compliances and regulations. Specifically, if you are in the health industry, it is important to know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is because other companies may have distinct rules and regulations for your IT system. Therefore, working with Global Managed IT services is beneficial for your company to maintain compliances.

5. Secure Your Business

The managed service providers provide you better and advanced security measures to secure your financial data, customer records, or personnel files. With expert IT companies, you can attain peace of mind, as they take appropriate measures to protect you against cybercrime.

How tbs4latam Helps You Increase Business Productivity

Here we have outlined our key services as well as how they help you grow your business.

 Once you have decided to grow your business, the next question pops up: How?

There are many growth strategies you can get from your peers or the Internet—from taking on new markets, launching new products and making an acquisition. Some companies create their strategies.


No matter what strategy you try, your customers will always be the foundation of your business. And you need efficient marketing to expand your customer base.


At tbs4latam, we help you on both fronts. Our interactive and professional customer support helps you retain customers. Our marketing and branding services ensure high “exposure” to your business among the customers.


Here we have outlined our key services as well as how they help you grow your business:


Contact Center:


tbs4latam offers cutting edge contact center solutions in the USA, Mexico, and Argentina. With years of experience in creating state of art tailored contact center solutions across various domains and skilled team, we consider ourselves as a dependable contact center provider. We help you minimize your business support costs.


Our quality remote customer support services are available for commercial, admin, and human resource requirements. Whether you require a simple phone support helpdesk or advanced multimedia solutions, our contact center services have the flexibility to cater to your business and budget requirements.


E-Commerce Support:


In today’s highly competitive e-commerce scenario, it is important to have a strong reputation among the customers. Your customer should have a positive experience, no matter if its shopping or customer support. Poor customer support can tarnish your image.


Therefore, customer services are one of the topmost priorities for your eCommerce business.

The first point of contact must be courteous, professional and convenient. That’s where


tbs4latam’s eCommerce call center services come in. Our team has extensive experience and skills dealing with eCommerce businesses and their customers.


Digital Marketing Services:


We help you grow your business with our highly tailored digital marketing services. We aim to bring maximum ROI, leads, sales and revenue using various digital marketing methods.


We specialize in understanding your target audience as well as their journey from awareness to buying decision. Our digital marketing strategy helps create visibility, great experiences that encourage action—from following your social media accounts to buying your services/products to referring your products to peers.


You can count on your specialized digital marketing services to grow your business.


Corporate Imaging:


We help you enhance your corporate imaging.


We help your brand stand out of the rest. Our specialists offer facilities and other services to build branding solutions that leave a lasting impression. We design a corporate branding for social network presence, sales letters, website, and front-facing promotional materials. When you work with tbs4latam, you are backed by a team of professionals you can depend on. We have the expertise to handle all of your branding requirements.


Social Network Contact Center Services:


tbs4latam ensures quicker and more efficient social communications. We help you manage leads through WhatsApp and other social media analytics. In addition to that, your social presence is modernized keeping the costs lower.


This way, we ensure quick responses, personal and friendly interaction and timely response to your customers.


So you must have understood how our customer support and marketing solutions help your business retain customers while making new. The more customers you get along with positive feedback, the better it would be for your productivity.


What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.