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A problem that entrepreneurs and many sellers have is that they do not know how to clearly convey the advantages and benefits of their solutions, then I will mention 5 things you should AVOID at all when selling your solutions:

1. Stop presenting your product or service as a commodity, and well: What is a commodity? A commodity is perceived as a product and / or service in which the value is not perceived. A true solution is not acquired for its price, they will buy you for the value you bring that your customer perceives.

2. Stop focusing on the technical characteristics of your product or service and focus on the benefits for your customer. Tell him clearly what he will get with your solution in time and money.

3. Stop looking at the competition and develop your own advantages, all your credentials such as certifications, proven methodologies, statistics, success stories are your advantages, if you know how to transmit them you will generate trust in your client.

4. The one that covers a lot of tightness, it is essential to keep the focus on 1 or 2 solutions since regardless of whether you can provide many services, if you present too many options to your client you will generate confusion and distrust.

5. Use technology for your client, most entrepreneurs who are starting or growing are having a hard time investing in technology at the service of their customers and this I assure you is a serious mistake.

Always keep in mind that “decision makers” are people like you, they still want peace, confidence, time, quality and growth. What are you willing to do well from beginning to end so that your client obtains these benefits? And one more. How will your client know that the solution you present has your personal stamp?

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