“TTHH of IT the Achilles heel of companies” is locked TTHH of IT the Achilles heel of companies

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Good morning, my name is Marcelo Arrabal, I am a Systems Analyst and 32 years ago I work in the information technology business.

I started at the end of the 80s selling XT personal computers in Argentina and Chile, when even in companies they used electronic typewriters in the best case. At that time it was sold with a course of use included so that users could use Wordperfect and Lotus123 in their daily chores.

At the beginning of the 90s we developed programs, in an almost artisanal way, software in Pascal, Basic and Clipper for companies that making an effort could incorporate in the best case a network of computers linked by Novel where they could share files and information of their systems.

The IT professionals who dedicated ourselves to networks, for the most part, weren’t more than 25 years old. The elders still worked in the world of mainframes and looked sideways at this fledgling world of personal computers that began to gain marketshare year after year. Over time the demand for services, software and full-time professionals grew quadratically and then began a phenomenon of scarcity that has suffered from the market for 20 years.

During the last two decades I have had the opportunity to collaborate in commercial, managerial and managerial positions in multinational companies such as HP, Asyst South America and Algar Tech.

My worst mistake in the world of Search and Selection of IT Professionals has been to think that all generations have the same values, beliefs and paradigms, something that is far from reality. And my greatest success is to expand my candidate base at the regional level because with the remote connections the vast majority of IT services can be provided remotely. Those successes and mistakes led me to expand my geographic and mental horizons.

We have all been able to observe the exponential development of the demand for information professionals in the different areas of the industry plus the low level of IT career professionals has uneven in this way the supply / demand relationship that has transformed these Professionals in a scarce good.

Marcelo Arrabal


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