Who is Digital Marketing for?

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There are many myths about digital marketing, for example, that it is highly sophisticated or that it is too expensive and is only for big companies. I can assure you today that these myths are false, but what specifically is digital marketing?

Digital marketing are communication strategies transferred to digital platforms with three fundamental objectives:

– Validate a Brand.

– Position a Brand.

– Generate qualified prospects for a business.

When entrepreneurs, directors and anyone have a more specific vision of what they can achieve with digital marketing strategies is when they begin to tear down many myths, and then, what is the next step?

The first step is to make a self-diagnosis through simple questions: Could my company use any of these 3 points: validate, position and generate value? Another important question would be: Can I improve the way I am communicating the advantages and benefits of my brand? And one last: is my competition present on digital platforms? If you answered YES, the next step is to make a Digital Marketing plan with a company specialized in the field.

Speaking of myths, a phrase attributed to Bill Gates “Content is king” was coined a few years ago, that is, “Content is king”, basically refers to the fact that “relevant content” is Internet that can be registered for a while in the psyche of people. How does this apply to your company and business? That today 80% of its content should focus on informing, educating and adding value to its audience and the remaining 20% ​​to offer.

There are two maxims that if you are in Sales, Marketing, are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, it would be useful to validate on your own:

“People don’t like to be sold, they like to buy”

“On internet you do not sell to a person, you sell to a circumstance”

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Abraham Chavez


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